South Nashville

NAZA partners will be offering after-school programs at the following schools in South Nashville for 2016-17: Cameron, Croft, J T Moore, McMurray, Wright. For information on the after-school program(s) at your student's school, please see the program descriptions and contact information below. Fall 2016: August 29-December 15 Spring 2017: January 9-April 27

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Cameron Middle

For Cameron Middle students

SURGE (Martha O'Bryan Center)

Students will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of physical activity, both in the performing arts and in athletics. With the primary goal being academic achievement and secondary goal being physical fitness, students will be directly involved in how they accomplish both. SURGE is an afterschool program that will afford students the opportunity to participate in sports and performing arts while pushing for academic success.

Contact:  Morgan Campey,, 615-244-8133

Location: Cameron Middle

Program Hours: Monday-Thursday, 4:10-6:00pm.

Transportation:  Families provide transportation home.

Who can enroll?   Any Cameron Middle students

Croft Middle

For Croft Middle Students

Moves & Grooves

The Party's Rockin' at Moves & Grooves, come join the fun! Learn from certified teachers how to integrate math through music and science through dance, ALL while  improving overall health and well-being. Students earn points for prizes, parties and monthly field trips to enhance learning through the arts and boost student achievement. DON'T MISS THE PARTY! Visit us online at

Contact:  Emerald Mitchell,, 615-953-1363

Location: Croft Middle, Monday-Thursday 4:00-6:00

Transportation: Transportation home is provided.

Who can enroll: Croft Middle Prep Students


J T Moore Middle

For J.T. Moore Students

McMurray Middle

For McMurray Middle refugee & immigrant students

C.R.A.Z.E. (Nashville International Center for Empowerment)

How do you see the world? In a multicultural setting, you can join other students as you learn about and make different kinds of art. This program, designed for refugee and immigrant youth, will not only provide homework help, but other activities such as photography, painting, drawing, and writing!

Contact:  Emily Dunn,, 615-315-9681

Location: McMurray Middle Prep, Monday-Thursday 4:00-6:00 pm

Transportation: MNPS bus transportation is available

Who Can Enroll? McMurray Middle Prep refugee & immigrant students

Nations Academy

Do you want to become a doctor, teacher, engineer, or journalist? We believe you can do it! At Nations Academy, we focus on giving you the tools and skills needed to make your dreams come true by helping you learn English, succeed in school, and explore different interests and careers. Every day each student will spend time on a fun computer program that will help you learn English at your own pace and become a better reader, so you can have the future of your dreams.

Z Provider: Nations Ministry

Contact: Abby Mosby,, 615-052-0541

Location: McMurray Middle School

Transportation: MNPS Transportation home is available

Who can enroll? McMurray Middle School Refugee & Immigrant students

Program Hours: Monday-Thursday 4:10-6:00

Wright Middle

For Wright Middle Students

Estudiantes Learning Diversion! (Conexion Americas)

Estudiantes Learning Diversión! is a unique program design to engage Latino students in fun and exciting hands-on activities to explore the rich history of the Latino culture and Spanish language, while also providing tutoring and homework assistance. We will learn, create, and imagine! through many different activities like arts and crafts, games, music, community service opportunities, and more.

Contact: Tara Lentz,, 615-835-2502

Location: Wright Middle, Monday-Thursday 4:00-6:00

Transportation: MNPS bus transportation is available

Who Can Enroll? Any Wright Middle students



Coleman Park Community Center (Metro Parks)

The bus will bring you here from school (Wright Middle School), and you will never want to leave. We have an atmosphere for fun and many opportunities for learning here at Coleman Community Center. Our building is equipped with a fitness center, basketball gym, and a swimming pool! We will offer tutoring and homework help, in addition to enhancement programs that you will be able to choose. We can’t wait to see you!

Contact:  Stevon Neloms,, 615-862-8445

Location:  Coleman Community Center, Monday-Thursday, 4:10-6:00 pm

Transportation:  MNPS transportation to Coleman; family must provide a ride home

Who can enroll?  Wright Middle students